Gutters Cleaning

Gutter clean out and make minor repairs.

Power Washing

Power washing of house, deck, driveway, and more.

Deck Maintenance & Repair

Experience in small deck builds, repairs, power washing, and staining.


Experienced in the beautification of many flower and rock beds with new rock or mulch. The flower bed or rock bed will be pulled up so that a new weed liner can be installed. Then new mulch or rock can be installed. Experienced in creating flower/rock beds and will discuss your vision. (Bring your Pinterest ideas.)

Minor Home Repairs

Do you have a leaky sink, small patch jobs, screens that need to be repaired, cupboards that need to be fixed, or any other small repair? We can help you with them all.


Do you have a room in your home that needs to be updated? Let’s put in some new tile! I am experienced in tile jobs, from living rooms all the way to full bathroom remodels.

Spring Clean-up

We can come to clean out your gutters, flower beds, rock beds, and yards. After we will haul it all away.

Small Business Maintenance

Can’t afford a maintenance man for office maintenance and repairs? Call us for regular maintenance items all the way to new fixtures installation.

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